Champagne Glasses


Multi-Purpose Glasses


Whiskey Glasses


Wine Glasses


Stainless Steel Cutlery


Gold Mirror Cutlery


Side Plates


Dinner plates


High Tea Stands



It is proposed that the Client shall hire the Goods from the Company on the terms of this Agreement.



The Client shall at all times use the Goods in a proper manner and shall at his/her own expense ensure the Goods remain in good working order and in undamaged condition.
All Goods on hire remain the absolute property of the Company.
The Client has no authority to transfer or otherwise part with possession of the Goods during the rental period unless the express written consent of the Company is obtained.


The rental period shall commence from the commencement dates and time shown on the hire agreement or the time the item is delivered to the hirer whichever is later and will cease when it is returned to the Company or, if the Client notifies the Company in writing that the Goods are available for return at a particular location. The Company shall collect the Goods within (3) days after the receipt of such notification.
The standard rental period is between 1 to 2 days. Any extension to the rental period must be agreed and specified in the hiring contract, extra charges may apply for hiring periods over 2 days. Unauthorized extensions to the rental period will be charged at the current rates plus a daily penalty of UGX 100,000.


A refundable deposit of 50% of the rental fee is applicable and is to be paid within 5 days prior to the event to secure the Goods. The deposit will be returned to the Client once all the Goods have been returned to the Company and verified without damage or loss.
The Company requires 100% payment of the rental fee of the hired Goods before release from the warehouse.
If the Client cancels the order less than 48 hours prior to the delivery day, the deposit will not be returned.
When a deposit is paid, the Client has secured all the Goods on the quotation. It is not possible to reduce the order value of Goods required prior to the event. If the Client wishes to add more items over and above the original order the Company will check the availability but cannot guarantee they will be available.
A security bond on the Goods is not charged but rather a copy of the National Identification card is held in case of damages and delay to return items.


It shall be the absolute responsibility of the Client to ensure the safe keeping of Goods and the Client will indemnify the Company in respect of any loss or damage howsoever caused whilst in the hirer’s possession.
All damage will be notified to the Company immediately (or as soon as practicable) following which the goods must be returned to the Company for repair or replacement should repair be uneconomic.
The Client shall otherwise make no attempt to examine, diagnose, repair or remove the outer casing of the Goods hired.
The Client will incur a replacement cost for any loss or damage to the Goods. This cost will be based on the landing cost of the Goods after customs clearance.


The Company may deliver and collect all items to a location of the Client’s choice, the cost of this service is based on the distance by road between the Company’s warehouse and the delivery address and includes the Bypass Toll charge where applicable.

The transport costs are based on the location and the time of the delivery and collection.

The Client is welcome to collect and return items to the Company’s warehouse Monday to Saturday between 8am to 5pm. The Company cannot accept returns at the warehouse on a Sunday or a public holiday.

Our standard delivery or collection time on site is 1 hour, if the Company’s driver and vehicle are required to wait for or are on site for more than 1 hour, a fee of UGX 50,000 per 1 hour will apply.
If the Company’s vehicles get stuck on site, the Client is liable for the vehicle recovery charges at cost plus any damages payable by the Company to subsequent customers who are expecting deliveries or collections.

If parking charges or fines are incurred by our delivery / collection vehicle these will be deducted from the Client’s deposit.

When the Goods are delivered to the Client, the Client shall inspect the Goods and sign the Company’s delivery note. In the event of any missing or damaged items, the Client shall note this on the delivery note and contact the Company immediately. If the Client fails to do this, the Goods will be deemed to have been delivered or collected in a clean and undamaged condition. If no one is available to check the items, again the items will be deemed to have been delivered in a clean and undamaged condition.

When the Company collects the rented goods, the Client agrees to repack all the Goods hired using the packaging in which they were delivered. The Client agrees to be CHARGED if the Company should pack the Goods, if more than 1 hour is spent on site (unless specific instructions have been agreed to as in the notes section on your quotation or contract).
In case the Company is responsible for overseeing the handling and management of the Goods at the Client’s premises, a handling fee based on following will be charged:
Event size Amount
Up to 200 people UGX 300,000
Up to 300 people UGX 450,000
Up to 400 people UGX 600,000
Up to 500 people UGX 750,000
The Client, at his cost, shall ensure adequate water and electricity supply at the premises/event.


The Client must ensure that the Goods returned are in the same condition as given by the Company.
In case the company is not overseeing the handling and management of the goods, the client must properly rinse off any food/ drink scrums from the cutlery, plates and glasses
It is agreed that any costs incurred by the Company arising out of failure by the Client to return the Goods as specified under this clause may be charged.


The Company may terminate this Agreement and repossess the Goods in any of the following events:

If the Client shall fail to pay any hiring charges prior to release.
If the Client shall do or permit any act or thing whereby the Company’s rights in the Goods may be prejudiced.
If the Client commits any breach of this Agreement.
For the purpose of repossessing the Goods, the Company may enter into or upon any premises where the Goods may be to recover any moneys due hereunder or any damages for breach hereof.


The Client shall be liable for any destruction, loss, damage, theft, fire or liability intentionally caused, sustained or incurred by the Company when delivering the Goods.
In no event shall the Company be responsible for any loss of or damage to any property or injury to any person caused by the hired Goods or arising out of the use thereof or any other reason whatsoever during the period of this hire.
The Client will fully indemnify the Company at all times against any liabilities, demands, actions, claims or proceedings arising from or in connection with the Goods hired.


The Agreement is governed by the laws of Uganda. Any dispute may be submitted to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Ugandan      courts. If any provision of this Agreement is or becomes invalid or unenforceable the remaining provisions shall not be affected.

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